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4/18/18 — The EMX Token: Unlocking Global Futures Trading

At EverMarkets, we pride ourselves on bridging the innovations of the cryptocurrency world with the established strengths of traditional financial markets to enhance how you trade. [Read More]

4/11/18 — Community Updates: April 2018

Thank you to everyone for the ongoing support. Throughout this process, we’ve consistently heard your desire for more frequent updates on our progress. To that end, we intend on sharing developments and information with you more regularly through our Medium. [Read More]

4/2/18 — Engineering EverMarkets

Hello — I’m Craig Austin, CTO of EverMarkets. You’ve seen posts from Jim and Mark introducing the EMX platform and discussing our fair and efficient market structure. I’m here to share a bit on how we’re engineering the EverMarkets Exchange to bring our vision to life… [Read More]

3/26/18 — How EverMarkets will reinvent trading

Hi, I’m Mark Pimentel, President of EverMarkets. Jim has done a great job articulating the future of EverMarkets, so I thought I’d provide additional context on how we got here… [Read More]

3/21/18 — EverMarkets to Launch Blockchain-Based Futures Exchange EMX

EverMarkets announced that the EverMarkets Exchange (EMX), a futures exchange and clearing house platform built on blockchain technology, is expected to launch later this year for non-U.S. clients. EMX will list both cryptocurrency and traditional futures contracts… [Read More]

3/21/18 — Wall Street Vets Target Crypto Futures With EverMarkets Launch

Blockchain startup EverMarkets wants to take away Wall Street’s edge in the crypto futures trading market. The company announced today that it is building a blockchain-based trading platform that will aim to support the peer-to-peer trading of futures contracts on both “real-world” and crypto assets… [Read More]

3/20/18 — Meet the ‘Flash Boys’ of cryptocurrency looking to shakeup bitcoin futures trading
The company, which announced Tuesday it is coming out of stealth mode, draws some inspiration from IEX and offers an alternative model to current futures markets… [Read More]

3/20/18 — A blockchain-powered exchange designed to modernize futures trading
A team of seasoned traders, technologists and senior executives from some of the U.S.’s largest financial institutions and technology firms is pleased to announce they are developing EverMarkets™, a futures exchange and clearing house platform built on blockchain technology… [Read More]

3/5/18 — Introducing EverMarkets
Over the past year, we’ve been quietly at work building a decentralized futures exchange. We are building EverMarkets because we want to expand the reach of cryptocurrency, help legitimize crypto as a useful asset class, and reduce the inefficiencies and unfairness in current futures markets… [Read More]

2/15/18How blockchain can revolutionize fiscal transactions
It is important not to conflate cryptocurrency and blockchain and throw both technological advances out with the bit-water… [Read More]